3051. Weight of uterus at 6 weeks of puer-perium is :

A. 60 gm *
B. 100 gm
C. 300 gm
D. 500 gm

3052. Carcinoma vagina extending to lateral pelvis wall is :

A. Stage I
B. Stage II
C. Stage III *
D. Stage IV

3053. Face to pubes delivery is common in which type of pelvis :

A. Anthropoid *
B. Android
C. Gynaecoid
D. Platy pelloid

3054. When AP diameter is more than transverse diameter , the pelvis is :

A. Anthropoid
B. Android *
C. Gynaecoid
D. Platypelloid

3055. Gonorhoea is usually asymptomatic with involvement of :

A. Bartholin’s glands
B. Endocervix *
C. Fallopian tube
D. None of the above

3056. Primary amenorrhoea is seen in all the following except :

A. Turner syndrome
B. Stein leventhal Syndrome *
C. Androgenital syndrome
D. Testicular feminization syndrome

3057. In post mature pregnancy , fetal distress is indicated by all except :

A. Early deceleration on oxytocin challenge *
B. Anmormal fetal movement count
C. Reactive nonstress test
D. Loss of baseline variability in FHR

3058. Manning score for fetal wellbeing includes all except :

A. Non stress test
B. Breathing movements
C. Oxytocin challenge *
D. Fetal movements

3059. Genertic disorder at 8 weeks is best diagnosed by :

B. Aminotic fluid exm
C. Chorionic villous sampling *
D. Fetal blood analysis

3060. Clomiphene is useful in infertility due to :

A. Astherman syndrome
B. Endometriosis
C. Stein leventhal syndrome *
D. All of the above