2931. Not a branch of hepatic artery is :

A. Cystic artery
B. Left gastroepiploic artery *
C. Superior pancreatoduodenal artery
D. Right gastric artery

2932. All are true of adrenals except :

A. Both are supplied by 3 pairs of arteries
B. Venous drainage of both is to renal vein *
C. Medula is inervatd by preganglionic sympathetic
D. All are true

2933. Root Value of knee jerk is :

A. L1 L2
B. L2 L3
C. L3 L4 *
D. L4 L5

2934. Graffin follicles fail to mature in absence of :

A. FSH *
C. T3 T4

2935. Injury to musculocutaneous nerve just distal to the lateral cord of brachial plexus produces loss of :

A. Wrist extension
B. Shoulder medial rotation
C. Pronation of forearm
D. Sensation on lateral forearm *

2936. Trendelenburg sign results from injury to :

A. Sciatic nerve
B. Obturator nerve
C. Superior glueteal nerve *
D. Inferior gluteal nerve

2937. All are branches of coeliac trunk except :

A. Hepatic
B. Left gastric
C. Right gastric *
D. Splenic

2938. Cranial root of accessory nerve supplies :

A. Sternocleidomastoid
B. Styloglossus
C. Pharyngeal constrictors *
D. Digastric

2939. Not true of upper part of anal canal :

A. Insensitive
B. Drained by infernal iliac lymph nodes
C. Supplied by internal pudendal artery *
D. Lined by stratified columnar

2940. Second constriction of esophagus is present in :

A. Tracheal bifurcation
B. Crossing by aortic arch *
C. Crossing by left bronchus
D. Thyroid glands