1461. True of all is __________.

A. 8-14 translocation *
B. Tdt absent
C. CALLA absent
D. IgG on cell surface .

1462. Muscosal transfer of iron in GIT is by _________.

A. Transferrin *
B. Apoferitin
C. Ferritin
D. None of the above

1463. All are feature of primary haemochromatosis except _______.

A. Arthritis
B. Skin pigmentation
C. Chorea *
D. Diabetes

1464. Focal glomerulo nephritis is caused by all except _______.

A. IgA nephropathy
B. Post streptococcal GMN *
C. Infective endocarditis
D. Diabetes mellitus.

1465. All predispose to ARDS except __________.

A. Fat embolism
B. Septicemia
C. Multiple blood transfussions
D. Status asthmaticus. *

1466. Normal Reid index is ___________.

A. 0.22
B. 0.33
C. 0.44 *
D. 0.55

1467. Asbestosis causes which of the following _______.

A. Apical nodular fibrosis
B. Hillar Lymphadenopathy
C. Coin shadow
D. Basal peribronchial fibrosis. *

1468. The endocrine disorder ofter associated with generalised lymphadenopathy is__________.

A. Addison’s disease *
B. Hyperthyrodism
C. Cushing syndrome
D. Carcinoid syndrome

1469. Genetically transmitted disease protecting against malaria are all except _________.

A. Sickle cell anaemia
B. G6PD deficiency
C. Absence of duffy blood group *
D. Heretidary spherocytosis

1470. Serum alfafetoprotein is decreased in ______.

B. Down’s Syndrome *
C. Spina bifida
D. Omphalos