361. In ectodermal dysplasia all of the following structures are affected except:___________?
A. Hair
B. Nails
C. Teeth
D. Salivary glands

362. Scleroderma involves:__________?
A. Tightening of oral mucosa and periodontal involvement
B. Multiple palmar keratosis
C. Raynaud’s phenomenon
D. All of the above

363. Erythema multiforme is:___________?
A. An acute self limiting disease, of skin and oral mucous membrane
B. painless vesicular self limiting disease
C. A viral disease
D. Bacterial infection

364. Darier’s disease is associated with:____________?
A. Pernicious anaemia
B. Rickets with involvement of teeth and bones
C. Vitamin A deficiency and involvement of oral epithelium and skin
D. Diffuse tender ulceration on the palate predominantly

365. Koebner’s phenomenon is seen with_____________?
A. Erythema multiforme
B. Pemphigoid
C. Psoriasis
D. Impetigo

366. Tzanks smear test is used in the diagnosis of___________?
A. pemphigus
C. Aphthous disease
D. Lichen planus

367. Unusual extensibility of the tongue is a characteristic feature of:__________?
A. Epidermolysis bullose
B. Syphilis
C. Darier-White disease
D. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

368. Which of the following is not a type of lichen planus?
A. Atrophic
B. Hypertrophic
C. Verrucous
D. Erosive

369. A fluid filled elevated lesion of skin is called___________?
A. Bulla
B. Macule
C. Papule
D. Nodule

370. Grinspan syndrome is associated with:_________?
A. Hypertension, diabetes, lichen planus
B. Oral, ocular, genital lesions
C. Hypertension with oral lesions
D. pemphigus, CHF, diabetes