2071. Breath holding spell- all are true except _______.

A. Occurs between 6 months- 5 years
B. Cyanosis can occur
C. Antiepileptic treatment often required *
D. Atropine may be useful

2072. Primary tuberculosis leads to all except ______.

A. Consolidation
B. Meiastinal adenopathy
C. Pulmonary fibrosis
D. Pleural effusion *

2073. Which of the following is first to occur in hyperthroidism_______.

A. Raised TSH *
B. Delayed ankle jerk
C. Decreased BMR
D. Decreased T3

2074. In acute asthma drug not helpful is _________.

A. Aminophylline
B. Salbutamol
C. Sodium chromoglycate *
D. Steroid

2075. Neonatal convulsion with bad prognosis is all except _______.

A. Meningitis
B. Hypocalcemia *
D. Brain Tumor

2076. Cirrhosis with portal hypertension is by all except _______.

A. Cystic fibrosis
B. Wilson’s disease
C. Alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency
D. Congenital hepatic fibrosis *

2077. Treatment of choice in infantile myoclonus is ________.

B. Phenytoin
C. Phenobarb
D. Clonazepam

2078. Features of necrotizing enterocolitis in children -All are true except ______.

A. Abdominal distension
B. Blood in stool
C. Increased bowel sound *
D. Bilious vomiting

2079.True of staphyl lococcal penuomonia except _______.

A. Pneuatocele present
B. Lobar distribution
C. Hilar adenopathy *
D. Resistant to treatment

2080. Hypocalcemia as a cause of neonatal seizure is considered when the level is below_______.

A. 5 mg
B. 7 mg *
C. 9 mg
D. 9 mg