1091. All the following disease are mosquito born except___________.

A. Japanese encephalitis
B. Yellow Fever
C. Dengue Fever
D. Sleeping sickness *

1092. Foam test of urine is diagnostic of ___________.

A. Bile pigment
B. Bile salt *
C. Albumin
D. Haemoglobin

1093. Most common infecton after splenectomy is due to ____________.

A. Unencapsulated bacteria
B. Capsulated bacteria *
C. Salmonella
D. Arbo Virus

1094. Haemorrhagic uraemic syndrome is mostly due to ________.

A. Shigella *
B. Salmonella
C. E.Coli
D. Group D streptococi

1095. The infective form of T.gondi is _____________.

A. Oocyst *
B. Tachyzoite
C. Bradycyst
D. Cercariae

1096. Which of the following is relatively resistant to gonococcal infection________.

A. Epididymis
B. Prostate
C. Urethra
D. Testis *

1097. Rat flea transmits cell except _____________.

A. Plague
B. H.diminuta *
C. Salmonellosis
D. Murine typhus

1098. which of the following is a zoonotic disease ___________.

A. Hydatid cyst *
B. Malaria
C. Filaria
D. Dengue Fever

1099. Plasmodium falciparum infection affects all organs except__________.

A. Lung
B. Liver *
C. Kidney
D. Heart

1100. Cyclops are intermediate hosts for __________.

A. Kala-azar
B. Schistosomiasis
C. D.medinensis *
D. Teniasis