2341. All are true of cancer esophagus except ________.

A. Squamous carcinoma is most common
B. Barret’s esophagus predisposes
C. Commonly involves lower third *
D. Post traumatic structure is malignant

2342. During parotid surgery , Frey’s syndrome can occur due to injury to which nerve _________.

A. Facial
B. Auriculotemporal *
C. Greater auricular
D. Mandipular

2343. Trendelenberg test is positive in injury to which nerve ________.

A. Superior gluteal nerve *
B. Inferior gulteal nerve
C. Pudendal nerve
D. Obturator nerve

2344. Tension pneumotherax done to fracture rib is managed by _______.

A. Strapping
B. Respirator assistance
C. Tube drainage *
D. Internal fixation

2345. In modified radical neck dissection structure not preserved is ______.

A. Sternocleido mastoid
B. Accessory nerve
C. Internal jugular vein
D. Submandibular gland *

2346. Treatment of choice in cholodochal cyst is __________.

A. Hepatic transplantation
B. Cyst excison with hepato jejnostomy *
C. Excison with biliary prosthesis
D. None of the above

2347. Anatomical structure injured during ranula excision is ________.

A. Lingual vein
B. Lingual artery
C. Parotid duct
D. Submandibular duct *

2348. Uncommon cause of upper GI bleed is ___________.

A. Varices
B. Gastric erosion
C. Peptic ulcer
D. Cancer stomach *

2349. Beta2 macro globulin is a prognostic factor in _________.

A. Ca breast
B. Ca lung
C. Ca ovary
D. Multiple myeloma *

2350. All are associated with obesity except _________.

A. Osteo arthritis
B. Hypertension
C. Cholecystitis
D. Pancreatitis *