1041. Human hair differs from animal here by _______.

A. Cuticle has scales *
B. Medulla is thick
C. Medulla broad than cortex
D. Pigment is central

1042. Pearson’s formula is used for ________.

A. Cephalic index
B. Age
C. Race
D. stature *

1043. Skull type in pure aryans is ___________.

A. Dolico cephalic *
B. Brady Cephalic
C. Mesaticephalic.

1044. A pinch of which poison can kill 5 adults___________.

A. Arsenic trioxide *
B. Arsenic disuphide
C. Copper Sulphate
D. Lead Sulphate

1045. Minimum quantity of blood to be preserved for chemical analysis is ________.

A. 10 ML *
B. 50 ML
C. 100 ML
D. 200 ML

1046. Colour changes of putrefaction are first seen in ____________.

A. ILiac fossa *
B. Thigh
C. Buttock
D. Cubital fossa

1047. Almond odour characterises poisoning with __________.

A. Chloral hydrate
B. Coeaine
C. Canabis
D. Cyanide *

1048. Run amok is suggestive of poisoning with ___________.

A. Cocaine
B. Canabis *
C. Chloralhydrate
D. Aphetamine

1049. Post mortem rigidity disappears first from ____________.

A. Neck
B. Limb
C. Eyelid *
D. Abdomen

1050. All are features of organophosphous poisoning except_________.

A. Tachycordia *
B. Sweating
C. Miosis
D. Respiratory depression