1191. Keretoderma blenorrhagica is pathognomonic of ________

A. Bechcet’s disease
B. Reiter’s disease *
C. Lyme disease
D. Glucagonoma

1192. Treatment of choice in wegner’s granulomatosis is ____________.

A. Antibiotic
B. Antifungals
C. Cyclophosphamide *
D. Azathioprine

1193. Which is not seen in anorxia nervosa__________.

A. Tachycardia *
B. Lanugo hair
C. Amenorrhoe
D. Weight Loss

1194. Hemibalismus is due to lesion in ____________.

A. Caudate Nucleus
B. Putamen
C. Subithalamic nucleus *
D. Substantia nigra

1195. In Syringomyelia sensation lost is ___________.

A. Touch
B. Pressure
C. Pain and Tempreture *
D. Two Point discrimination.

1196. Dissociated anaesthesia isa feature of ________.

B. Tabes dorsalis
C. Syringomyelia *
D. Cord transection

1197. In tabes dorsalis, the fibers effected are____________.

A. Lateral Spinothalamic
B. Anterior Spinothalamic
C. Cortico Spinal
D. Dorsal Column *

1198. The Pathalogy in parkinsonism lies in ________________.

A. Red nucleus
B. Nigrostriatal pathway *
C. Cerebral outflow
D. Dentate nucleus

1199. Supravital staining of reticulocytes demonstrates presence of __________.

A. Nuclear reunant
B. Ribosome *
C. Mitochondria
D. Reticulin

1200. In long standing sickle cell anaemia, all are true except___________.

A. Skin Ulcer
B. Recurrent jaundice
C. Cholelithiasis
D. Splenomegaly *