1031. Antemortem blisters differ from post mortem blisters by _________.

A. Presence of albumin and chloride in blister fluid
B. Gas in blister
C. Absence of hyperemia around blister
D. Dry hard surface on floor of blisters. *

1032. Sex differentiation is fairly possible by following measurement except_________.

A. Sub public angle
B. Obturator foramen
C. Preauricular sulcus
D. Great sciatic notch *

1033. The time limit for ordering exhumation in india is ___________.

A. 1 Month
B. 1 Year
C. 10 Years
D. No limit *

1034. le facies sympathique is usually seen in______________.

A. Hanging *
B. Strangulation
C. Traffice accident
D. None of the above

1035. Fatal period of aconite is usually__________

A. 5-10 Min
B. 15-30 Min
C. 1-5 Hours *
D. 24-48 Hours

1036. All the following are aryl phosphates except__________.

A. Folidol
B. Parthion
C. Tick-20
D. Malathion *

1037. Best specimen of bone for sex determination is _________.

A. Femur
B. Pelvis *
C. Skull
D. Mandible

1038. Best method to prove patternity is ____________.

A. Blood grouping
C. DNA finger printing *

1039. In Rigor mortis the muscles___________.

A. Shorten and stiffen
B. stiffen *
C. Shorten