2521. Most common type of scoliosis is __________.

A. Paralytic
B. Neurogenic
C. Idiopathic *
D. Congenital

2522. Which defect in talipes equino varus is corrected last___________.

A. Adduction of fore foot
B. Equinus *
C. Rotation of ankle

2523. Most common primary tumor of vertebra is __________.

A. Fibrous sarcoma
B. Giant cell tumor
C. Multiple myeloma *
D. Osteosarcoma

2524. Acute GI complications of spinal cord injury include all except ______.

A. Stress ulcer
B. Acute gastric dilation
C. Spontaneous duodenal necrosis *
D. Haematemesis

2525. Tuberculosis of the spine most likely originates from __________.

A. IV disk
B. Cancellous vertebral body *
C. Ligamentous structures
D. Paravertebral soft tissue

2526. In osteomyelitis, the earliest bony change appears after ________.

A. 2 days
B. 7 days
C. 10 days *
D. 3 weeks

2527. Healing of tuberculous arthritis can lead to __________.

A. Calcification
B. Fibrous ankylosis *
C. Bony ankylosis
D. None of the above

2528. Viral osteomyelitis is common in _________.

A. Mumps
B. Measles
C. Influenza *
D. Hepatitis

2529. Which of the following is/are involved in frozen shoulder________.

A. Joint capsule
B. Tendons
C. Tendon sheaths
D. All of the above *

2530. Stress fracture occurs in __________.

A. Metatarsal
B. Pelvis
C. Tibi
D. All of the above *