2791. The most common cause of nasobronchial allergy is ____________.

A. Pollen
B. House duct *
C. Smoke
D. Dander

2792. Anaesthesia of larynx may occur with ____________.

A. Diphteria
B. Lead poisoning
C. Multiple sclerosis
D. All of the above *

2793. Schwartz sign is seen in __________.

A. Meniere’s disease
B. Cholesteatoma
C. Otomycosis
D. Otosclerosis *

2794. Destruction of right labyrinth causes nystagmus to ___________.

A. Right
B. Left *
C. Both
D. None

2795. The cause of contact( kissing) ulcer of vocal cord is _________.

A. Voice abuse
B. Smoking
C. TB *
D. Malignancy

2796. Vestibule is present in all except ___________.

A. Nose
B. Middle ear
C. Larynx *
D. Pharyx

2797. Ostospongiosis is inherited as __________.

A. Autosomal dominant *
B. x-linked recessive
C. x-linked dominant
D. Autosomal recessive

2798. Lymphatic drainage of pyriform fossa is to ________.

A. Upper deep cervical nodes *
B. Pharyngeal nodes
C. Parapharyngeal nodes
D. Mediastinal nodes

2799. Recurreut epistaxis is not a common feature of ___________.

A. Atrophic rhinitis
B. Nasal polyp *
C. Maxillary cancer

2800. Dryness of eyes is caused by injury to facial nerve at ________.

A. CP angle
B. Tympanico canal
C. Geniculate ganglion *
D. Chorda tympani