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1.Area under velocity time graph represent_____________________?

A. force
B. displacement
C. distance
D. acceleration

2.  Instantaneous and average velocities become equal when body___________________?

A. has zero acceleration
B. has uniform acceleration
C. has variable acceleration
D. moves in a circle

3. Inertia of an object is quantitative measure of its__________________?

A. volume
B. density
C. mass
D. temperature

4. 1st law of motion gives the definition of _________________________?

A. rest
B. motion
C. velocity
D. force

5. 3rd law of motion explains______________________?

A. effect of force
B. existence of a force
C. existence of two forces
D. existence of pair of forces in nature

6. The dimension of force is____________________?

A. MLT-2
B. ML2T-2
C. ML2T2
D. ML-2T-2

7. Which of the following pair has same direction always ?

A. force, displacement
B. force, velocity
C. force, acceleration
D. force, momentum

8. The collision between two bodies be elastic if bodies are_________________?

A. solid and soft
B. soft and elastic
C. solid and hard
D. hard and elastic

9. When car takes turn around a curve road, the passengers feel a force acting on them in a direction away from the center of the curve. It is due to__________________?

A. Centripetal force
B. Gravitational force
C. Their inertia
D. Centrifugal force

10. What is the shape of velocity, time graph for constant acceleration ?

A. straight inclined line.
B. parabola
C. inclined curve
D. declined curve