1861. The confounding factor in mesothelioma caused by asbestos is _______.

A. Smoking *
B. Alcoholism
C. Tuberculosis
D. Rheumatoid arthritis

1862. Following disease are treated by dapsone except _______.

A. Leprosy
B. Actionmycosis *
C. Rhinosporidiosis
D. Dermatitis herpetiformis

1863. Flapping tremor is not seen in _______.

A. liver failure
B. Renal failure
C. Wilson’s disease
D. Thyrotoxicosis *

1864. Hyperkalemia can occur in all except ____.

A. Insulin lack
B. Metaboilic acidosis
C. Cushing syndrome *
D. Acute renal failure

1865. Presentation of AIDS in childhood is by all except _____.

A. Failure to thrive
B. Interstitial pneumonitis
C. Kaposi’s sarcoma *
D. Hepatosplenomegaly

1866. Intestinal parasitic disease is immuno compromised is _______.

A. Ascariasis
B. Trichuriasis
C. Strongyloidiasis *
D. Ankylo stomiasis

1867. Pathognomonic physical sign of tuberculous cavity is _______.

A. Whispering pectorology
B. Post tussive suction *
C. Purile breating
D. Bronchial breathing

1868. True precocious puberty can occur in all except _______.

A. Mccune Albright syndrome
B. Congenital adrenal hperplasia
C. Hypothalamic hamartoma
D. Craniopharyngioma *

1869. Most common cause of acute adrenal insufficiency is ________.

A. Auto immune
B. Tuberculosis
C. Metastasis
D. Abrupt steroid withdrawal *

1870. Digoxin toxicity is precipitated by all except ______.

A. Old age
B. Hypokalemia
C. Hepatic failure *
D. Hypercalcemia