1871. Pseudo obstruction of colon can occur in all except ______.

A. Hyperthyroidism *
C. Dermatomyositis
D. Diabetes

1872. All are true of fibrolamellar hepatic cancer except ______.

A. Female preponderance
B. Diffuse involvement
C. Nests of cell with fibrous stroma
D. Worse prognosis *

1873. Most common type of bronchogenic carcinoma in non smoker is ______.

A. Adenocarcinoma *
B. Squarmous carcinoma
C. Small cell carcinoma
D. Large cell carcinoma

1874. All are features of furious rabies except _______.

A. Aerophobia *
B. Hypertension
C. Pupillary constriction
D. Hyper excitablity .

1875. All are features of sturge weber syndrome except _______.

A. Hemiatrophy of brain
B. Epilespsy
C. Empty Sella *
D. Gyriform brain calcification

1876. Features of koraskoff syndrome are all except ______.

A. Aphasia *
B. Ataxia
C. Confusion
D. Impaired memory

1877. Not true of ludwig’s angina is ___________.

A. Caused by anaerobes
B. Cellulitis floor of mouth
C. Limited to tissue and base of hyoid bone *
D. Infected molar root is the source

1878. Aspiration pneumonia is kerosene poisoning – all are true except______.

A. Fever
B. Gastric Lavage precipitates
C. Steroids helpful
D. X-Ray signs precede clinical signs *

1879. Arterial blood gas analysis in CO poisoning is _______.

A. Low O2 saturation, Low PO2
B. Low O2 saturation, Normal PO2 *
C. Normal O2 saturation, Normal PO2
D. Normal O2 saturation, Low PO2

1880. Damage of somatosensory area to cortex causes loss of all sensation except ______.

A. Pain *
B. Pressure
C. Sensory Localisation
D. Exact weight determination