2781. The most important constituent of endolymph is ___________.

A. Sodium
B. Potassium
C. Chloride
D. Protein *

2782. Antro choanal polypi are usually __________.

A. Single *
B. Multiple
C. Bilateral
D. Unilateral and multiple

2783. Father of microsurgery of ear is __________.

A. Gunnar holmgren
B. George von beksey
C. Zollener *
D. Helholtz

2784. The usual location of glomus jugulare tumor is __________.

A. Epitympanum
B. Hypotympanum *
C. Mastoid tip cells
D. Promontory

2785. The most frequent sympotom of cancer of nasophrynx is _________.

A. Mass, in the neck *
B. Blocked nose
C. Epistaxis
D. Diplopia

2786. A valsalva maneuver generates pressure of __________.

A. 10-20 mm Hg
B. 20-40 mm Hg *
C. 80-10 mm Hg
D. 120-160 mm Hg

2787. Key hole appearance of glottis is seen in laryngoscopy in __________.

A. Functional phonia
B. Bilateral complete vocal cord palsy
C. Bilateral incompletes vocal cord palsy
D. Phonesthenia *

2788. Pressure difference between middle ear and eustachian tube causing Tm rupture is _________.

A. 30 mm Hg
B. 60 mm Hg
C. 100 mm Hg *
D. 200 mm Hg

2789. Endoscopy is contraindicated in __________.

A. Esophageal varices
B. Aortic aneurysm *
C. Bronchial adenoma
D. Bronchopleural fistula

2790. Organ of corti is arranged along the inner edge of ________.

A. Reissner’s membrane
B. Basilar membrane *
C. Stria vascularis