2901. All are true of tracheostomy tube except ___________.

A. Consists of 2 metallic tubes
B. Made of silver alloy and titanium
C. Ideally changed every 2-3 days *
D. Cuffed tube used for IPPV

2902. All are features of carcinoma palate except _________.

A. Slow growing
B. Lymphatic spread
C. Painful *
D. Adenocarcinoma

2903. Source of epistaxis after ligation of external carotid is ___________.

A. Maxillary artery
B. Greater palatine artery
C. Ethmoidal artery *
D. Superior labial artery

2904. Cortical mastoidectomy is indicated in ___________.

A. CSOM with brain abscess
B. Coalescent mastoiditis *
C. Perforation in pars flaccida
D. Cholesteatoma

2905. Righside vocal cord palsy is usually due to __________.

A. Aortic arch aneurysm
B. Thyroid surgery *
C. Cancer thyroid
D. Cardiac surgery

2906. Semon’s law is related to _____________.

A. Vocal cord palsy *
B. Bell’s palsy
C. Cochlear deafness
D. None of the above

2907. Appreciation of sound occurs at _____________.

A. Tympanic membrane
B. Organ of corti
C. Medial geniculate body
D. Temporal lobe *

2908. All are true of vestibular neuronitis except ___________.

A. Viral etiology
B. Vertigo
C. Nystagmus
D. Deafness *

2909. Mass in nasal cavity with mellbery appearances , bleeds on touch is ___________.

A. Angiofibroma
B. Hamartoma
C. Rhinosporidiosis *
D. Polyp

2910. Sunrise headache is related to sinusitis involving__________.

A. Frontal sinus *
B. Ethmoidal sinus
C. Maxillary sinus
D. Sphenoidal sinus