3111. All are true of cross sectional study except :

A. More useful about chronic disease
B. Tells about disease distribution
C. Tells about disease incidence *
D. Less time consuming

3112. Effectively of malathion is for :

A. 10 Days
B. 3 Months *
C. 6 Months
D. 9 Months

3113. Sensitive index of recent malaria transmission is :

A. Infant parasite rate *
B. Spleen rate
C. Annual parasite incidence
D. Any of the above

3114. Toxic principle of argemon oil is :

A. Aflatoxin
C. Sanguinarine *
D. Pyrrolizdine alkaloid

3115. Most common cause of infant mortality is :

A. Prematurity *
B. Anaemia
C. Respiratory infection
D. Diarrhoea

3116. Epidemic hepatitis is caused by :

D. HEV *

3117. Not true of Eltor vibrio is :

A. Greater carrier rate
B. Greater endemic tendency
C. More subclinical cases
D. More sensitive to disinfectants *

3118. WHO criteria for portable water is all except :

A. Hardness < 2 mEq/I
B. Chloride < 200 mg/I
C. Nitrate < 1 mg /I
D. Nitrite < 2 mg/I *

3119. Green house effect is due to all except :

A. Ozone *
B. Nitrogen
C. CO2
D. SO2

3120. Most common carcinoma in pakistan male is of :

A. Lung
B. Bone
C. Oral Cavity *
D. Prostate