1961. Dementia pugilistica is seen in _________.

B. Parkinsonian plus
C. Punch drunk syndrome *
D. Herpes encephalitis

1962. Subepithelial deposits with spikes are seen in ______.

A. Membranous GMN *
B. Membranoproliferative GMN
C. Minimal lesion GMN
D. Focal glomerulosclerosis

1963. Malignancy potential is high for _______.

A. Adenomatous polyp *
B. Lymphatic polyp
C. Pseudo polyp
D. Lymphatic polyp

1964. Commonest feature in all forms of shock is ______.

A. Pallor
B. Decreased perfusion *
C. Hypovolemia
D. Low cardiac output

1965. Wicham’s striae is a feature of ________.

B. Pemphigus
C. Psoriasis
D. Lichen planus *

1966. Mast cell growth factor is ________.

A. IL-1
B. IL-2
C. IL-3
D. IL-4 *

1967. “C” wave of JVP corresponds to ______.

A. Atrial systole
B. Ventricular systole *
C. Atrial filling
D. Ventricular filling.

1968. Virchow’s triad consists of all except ____.

A. Hypercoagulability
B. Thrombocytosis *
C. Altered blood flow
D. Damage to endothelium

1969. Indication for radio iodine is_______.

A. Recurrence after surgery *
B. Toxic nodule
C. Young age
D. Pregnancy

1970. With diphtheria all are true except_____-.

A. Palatal palsy
B. Pancarditis *
C. Loss of accomodation
D. Myocarditis