2221. Hard tick transmits ________.

A. Oroya fever
B. Oriental sore
C. Human balbesiosis *
D. Leishmaniasis

2222. A patient of diphtheria is infective__________.

A. Till fever abates
B. Till cough sunsides
C. For 15 days after infection *
D. Till membrane disappears

2223. When gross reproductive rate of community is 3.3, the birth rate will be _________.

A. 30/1000
B. 40/1000 *
C. 60/1000
D. 50/1000

2224. Most sensitive index of recent transmission in malaria endemic area is ________.

A. Spleen rate
B. Parasite rate
C. Parasite density rate
D. Infant parasite rate *

2225. WHO does not conduct surveillance for ____________.

A. Viral encephalitis *
B. Malaria
C. Polio
D. Relapsing fever

2226. The life cycle of guinea worm in may be described as ________.

A. Cyclodevelopmental *
B. Cyclopropagative
C. Propagative

2227. Normal fluoride level in water is _________.

A. 0.2 mg/L
B. 0.5 mg/L *
C. 1 mg/L
D. 1.2 mg/L

2228. Byssinosis affects which type of cotton workers ________.

A. Growers
B. Spinners *
C. Weavers
D. Dyers

2229. Most sensitive index of leprosy transmission is ________.

A. Incidence *
B. Prevalence
C. Detection rate
D. Disability rate

2230. Which of the following is true of cluster sampling _______.

A. Involves use of random members
B. A natural group is taken as sampling renit *
C. Stratification of population is done
D. Every tenth case is chosen for study