731. Benzidine test is positive with the enzyme______________?
A. Cytochrome oxidase
B. Dehydrogenase
C. Hydrolase
D. Peroxidase

732. Inactive precursors of enzymes are known as_______________?
A. Apoenzymes
B. Coenzymes
C. Proenzymes
D. Holoenzymes

733. Iron is present in all of the following except_______________?

A. Myoglobin
B. Cytochrome
C. Catalase
D. Pyruvate kinase

734. Enzymes stored in muscle is________________?
A. Alkaline phosphatase

735. Lactate dehydrogenase is____________?
A. Isozyme
B. Coenzyme
C. Antienzyme
D. Zymogen

736. The combination of main supporting enzyme is called______________?
A. Apoenzyme
B. Coenzyme
C. Holoenzyme
D. Constitutive enzyme

737. Which of the following is a membrane bound enzyme that catalyzes the formation of cyclic AMP from ATP ?
A. Tyrosine kinase
B. Polymerase
C. ATP synthase
D. Adenylate cyclase

738. An example of lyases is_____________?
A. Glutamine synthetase
B. Fumarase
C. Cholinesterase
D. Amylase

739. An enzyme that makes a double stranded DNA copy from a single stranded RNA template molecule is known as____________?
A. DNA polymerase
B. RNA polymerase
C. Reverse transcriptase
D. Phospho kinase

740. The enzymes that catalyses the same reaction but differ in physical properties are called as_____________?
A. Pro enzyme
B. Iso enzyme
C. Co-enzyme
D. Holoenzyme