2241. Most common vector of malaria is urban areas is__________.

A. A. sundaicus
B. A. stepheni *
C. A. culeifacious
D. A. fluviatalis

2242. The carcinoma least suited for screening is that of ________.

A. Lung *
B. Breast
C. Coervix
D. Oral cavity

2243. Dracunculiasis may be prevented by all except ________.

A. Filtration of drinking water
B. Water hygiene education
C. Mass mebendazole therapy *
D. Active search for new case

2244. Which of the following can be iradicated ________.

A. Malaria
B. Tetanus
C. Neonatal tetanus *
D. Rabies

2245. Carotene is present in all except __________.

A. Tomato
B. Potato *
C. Cabbage
D. Spinach

2246. The statistical date are to be arranged in ascending order inorder to determine ________.

A. Mean
B. Median *
C. Mode

2247. Statistical value which can be without measurement of the variable is _________.

A. Ordinal *
B. Ratio
C. Mean
D. Median

2248. Gas not responsible for green house effect is _________.

A. Oxygen *
B. Nitrogen
C. Methane
D. Carbon dioxide

2249. Drawback of cohort study is ___________.

A. Loss of follow up *
B. Recall bias
C. Confounding factors
D. Selection bias

2250. Cereals are deficient in __________.

A. Lysine *
B. Leucine
C. Tyrosine
D. Tryptophan