2301. Reflux esohagisis is vest diagnosed from _________.

A. Barium swallow
B. Endoscopy
C. Ph Probe *
D. Manometry

2302. The colomic popy with least malignant potential is ________.

A. Villous adenoma
B. Tubular adenoma
C. Hyperplastic polyp *
D. Familial polyposis

2303. When an elderly male presents with acute onset leftsided varicocele, one should exclude__________.

A. Hypernephroma *
B. Para aortic lymphnode
C. Seminoma
D. Lymphangitis

2304. Felon is infection of __________.

A. Midpalmar space
B. Ulnar bursa
C. Terminal Pulp *
D. Radial bursa

2305. Air in peritoneal cavity is best demonstrated by __________.

A. Ultrasound
B. CT Scan
C. X ray in erect position *
D. Clinical examination

2306. Rugger jersy is seen in __________.

A. Koch’s spine
B. Osteoarthritis
C. Ankylosing spondylitis *
D. Forestier’s disease

2307. A patient with jaundice ,shaking chill and high fever, hypotension and right upper quadrant pain is most likely to have __________.

A. Acute panreatitis
B. Amoebic liver abscess
C. Cholangitis *
D. Ruptured hydatid cyst

2308. All are from of poly cystic kidney disease except _______.

A. Autosomal dominant
B. Mild proteinuria
C. Slow progression to renal failure if at all
D. Excision of cyst is waranted *

2309. Least common cause of finger clubing is _________.

A. Fallot tetrlogy
B. Squamous cell (a) of lung *
C. Pleural mesothelioma
D. Bronchiectasis

2310. Drug of choice for actinomycosis is __________.

A. Penicillin *
B. Quinolone
C. Ampoteriein
D. Tetracycline