1021. Best test for seminal stain is ___________.

A. Acid phosphatase test *
B. Precipitin test
C. Florence test
D. Alkaline Phosphatase test.

1022. Where does lacerated wound appear as incise wound?

A. Abdomen
B. Thorax *
C. Hand
D. Forehead

1023. The most specific feature of death due to hanging____________.

A. Ligature mark
B. Fracture of thyroid cartilage
C. Dribbling of saliva *
D. Tardieu spot.

1024. Obtuse angle of mandible indicates___________.

A. Adult male
B. Adult female
C. Young female
D. Elderly *

1025. Crocodile ssking appearance is seen in ___________.

A. High Voltage burn *
B. Electric shock
C. Drowning
D. Mummification.

1026. Marsh test used in diagnosis of poisoning is due to _________.

A. Arsenic *
B. Lead
C. Iron
D. Copper Sulphate

1027. All are components of black gun powder except__________.

A. Sulphur
B. Charcoal
C. Potassium nitrate
D. Lead peroxide *

1028. Type of respiration in opium poisoning is ________.

A. Rapid and deep
B. Slow and deep
C. Shallow *
D. Shallow and rapid

1029. “Liquid gold” with reference to urine is presence of ______.

A. Cocaine
B. Heroin *
C. Heavy Metal
D. Phosphorus

1030. Post Mortem cherry red discoloration is due to ______________.

A. Asphyxia
B. CO Poisoning *
C. Drowning
D. Organophosphorus.