1831. Increased alkalaine phosphatase occurs in ________.

A. Osteoporosis
B. Hyperpara thyroidism *
C. Renal failure
D. Multiple myeloma

1832. UMN lesion manifests with all except_______.

A. Weakness
B. Fasciculation *
C. Spasticity
D. Clonus

1833. Premalignant conditions are all except ______.

A. Ulcerative colitis
B. Crohn’s disease
C. Bronchiectasis *
D. Paget’s disease of bone

1834. RNA fragments are required by ______.

A. Eastern blot
B. Northern blot *
C. Western blot
D. Southern blot

1835. Bronchial carcinoma is associated with all except ____.

A. Cerebellar degeneration
B. Acanthosis nigricans
C. Plantar keratosis *
D. Dermatomyositis

1836. Bilateral painless parotid swelling is seen in all except ______.

A. Malnutrition
B. Mumps *
C. Saroidosis
D. Cirrhosis

1837. Hypochromic microcytic anaemia is not seen in ______.

A. Iron deficiency
B. Thalassemia
C. Sideroblastic anaemia
D. Hypothroidism *

1838. Shrinking lung syndrome is seen in ______.

A. SLE *
B. Systemic sclerosis
C. Polymyositis
D. Dermatomyositis

1839. Not seen in magnesium deficiency_________.

A. Exaggerated reflexes
B. Convulsion
C. Hypercalcemia *
D. Delirium

1840. Following are features of fibrosing alveolitis except _______.

A. Tachypnoea
B. Basal rales
C. Clubbing
D. Pulmonary osteoarthropathy. *