1311. Most common forms of ASD is____________.

A. Ostium primum
B. Ostium secuundum *
C. sinus venosus
D. endocardial cushion effect.

1312. Severity of Ms is assessed from all except__________.

A. LA size
B. Loudness of S1
C. Loudness of OS *
D. A2-OS gap

1313. Which of the following is of most serious prognostic significance in essential hypertension_______.

A. DBP>130 mmHg
C. Lv hypertrophy
D. Papilledema and progressive ARF. *

1314. Important role of renin is in _________.

B. Essential hypertension
C. Renovascullar hypertension *
D. Malignant hypertension

1315. Feature of malignant hypertension are all except _____.

A. Grade IV hypertensive retinopathy
B. Haemolytic blood picture
C. Renal failure
D. Respiratory failure *

1316. Small pleural effusion is best reavealed by ________.

A. PA View
B. AP View
C. Lateral View
D. Lateral decubitus. *

1317. All are usefull in treatement of MI except________.

A. Thrombolysis
B. Anti Platelet drug
C. Antithrombotic drugs
D. Plasminogen activator inhibitor. *

1318. In MI streptokinase therapy is most effective when given within______.

A. Within 2 hours *
B. 2-4 hours
C. 4-6 hours
D. 24 hours

1319. All are contraindications to streptokinase therapy except_______.

B. Active peptic ulcer
C. Coagulopathy
D. Hypotension

1320 . Which of the following is not associated with prinzmetal angina______.

A. ST elevation
B. Early morning attack
C. Q waves *
D. Raynaud’s Phenomenon.