291. The following electrodes are used to detect the muscle activity without pain_________________?
A. Surface electrode
B. Round electrode
C. Hook electrode
D. Needle electrode

292. Contractile element in myofibril is_______________?
A. H band
B. Sarcoplasm
C. Sarcomere
D. A line

293. Calcium ions triggers muscle contraction by binding to ___________________?
A. Actin
B. Myosin
C. Troponin
D. Tropomyosin

294. Which of the following is not a marker of bone formation_________________?
A. Alkaline phosphatase
B. Osteocalcin
C. Procollagen marker
D. Hydroxy proline

295. Regulated bone growth through puberty occurs through__________________?
A. Endophyseal plates
B. Ectophyeseal plates
C. Epiphyseal plates
D. Chondro Epiphyseal plates

296. the acrosome reaction occurs, when the sperm_____________?
A. Enters the uterine cavity
B. Comes in contact with zone pellucida
C. Penetrates corona radiate
D. Penetrates cell membrane of oocyte

297. Decreased basal metabolic rate is seen in_______________?
A. Obesity
B. Hyperthyroidism
C. Feeding
D. Exercise

298. False about blood brain barrier is_______________?
A. There are gaps between tight junctions at the active sites
B. There are no gaps between active sites
C. Less activity in the membrane
D. Fibronectin provides a barrier for diffusion

299. The processing of short-term memory to long term memory is done in_______________?
A. Prefrontal cortex
B. Hippocampus
C. Neocortex
D. Amygdala

300. Valve of Hasner is present at________________?
A. Stenson’s duct
B. common bile duct
C. Naso lacrimal duct
D. maxillary Sinus