Medical relating to or concerned with physicians or the practice of medicine. Medicine is the field of health and healing. It includes nurses, doctors, and various specialists. It covers diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, medical research, and many other aspects of health. Academic Task has 4000 plus medical MCQs and answers with detailed explanations for medical exam preparation and test. MCQs of Medical covers the topic like basic sciences, clinical sciences, principle and practice of medicine, intensive care medicine MCQs, Nursing MCQs, Medical devices, Physical and occupational therapy – and much more. Also, check MCQ on Biochemistry here.

151. Following are extrapyramidal tracts except______________?
A. Reticulospinal
B. Corticospinal
C. Rubrospinal
D. Vestibulospinal

152. The cell junctions allowing exchange of cytoplasmic molecules between two cells are called________________?
A. Gap junctions
B. Tight junctions
C. Anchoring junctions
D. Focal junctions

153. Sweat glands are supplied by only_______________?
A. Parasympathetic nerves
B. Sympathetic nerves
C. Sensory nerves
D. Motor nerves

154. Tissues with least regenerative potential is________________?
A. Nerve
B. Skin
C. Cardiac muscle
D. None of the above

155. Red colour blindness is called________________?
A. Deuteranopia
B. Protanopia
C. Protanomaly
D. Deuteranomaly

156. Pain producing substance is________________?
A. Serotonin
B. Substance P
C. Histamine
D. Acetyl choline

157. Phagocytosis in the CNS is done by _______________?
A. Astrocytes
B. Schwann cells
C. Microglia
D. Oligocytes

158. Function of GABA on CNS is_______________?
A. Neuronal inhibition
B. Neuronal activation
C. Glial cell inhibition
D. Glial cell activation

159. Hyper kinetic syndromes such as chorea and athetosis are usually associated with pathological changes in_______________?
A. Motor areas of cerebral cortex
B. Anterior hypothalamus
C. Pathways for recurrent collateral inhibition in the spinal cord
D. Basal ganglia complex

160. In cerebellar disease, all the statements are correct except______________?
A. The romberg’s sign is positive
B. There is adiadochokinesia
C. There is pendular knee jerk
D. There is involuntary tremor