2621. Kohler’s disease refers to osteochondritis of __________.

A. Patella
B. Vertebra
C. Navicular *
D. Femoral head

2622. Ilizarov technique is used for ___________

A. Lengthening of bone
B. Healing of fractures
C. Correction of deformities
D. All of the above *

2623. What is true of haemangioma of bone _________.

A. Most common of hamartomatous origin
B. May cause over growth of affected limb
C. Frequently found on vertebrae
D. All are true *

2624. Adamantinoma histologically contains___________.

A. Squamous cell rests
B. Palisading cells
C. Cells resembling basilar cells
D. All of the above *

2625. What is not true of osteogenic sarcoma___________.

A. X-ray is diagnostic in 50% cases
B. New bone formation is universal *
C. Usually metastasizes by blood stream
D. Age occurange is 5-50 years

2626. What is not true of chondrosarcoma _______.

A. Well delineated in X-ray *
B. May be clinically benign but histologically malignant
C. Incidence is half of osteosarcoma
D. All are true

2627. What is true of giant cell tumour__________.

A. Rare is thirds decade
B. Best treated by local excision
C. Soap bubble appearance in x-ray
D. All of the above *

2628. Osteogenic sarcoma may occur in ___________.

A. Fibrous dysplasia
B. Non- ossifying fibroma
C. Paget’s disease *
D. None of the above

2629. Fibrosarcoma of bone commonly follows ___________.

A. Desmoplastic fibroma *
B. Non- ossifying fibroma
C. Fibrous dysplasia
D. Hyper parathyroidism

2630. Elevated local temperature is common to all except __________.

A. Osteomyelitis
B. Ewing sarcoma
C. Adamantinoma *
D. Caffey’s disease