3041. Commonest site of fracture scaphoid is :

A. Proximal pole
B. Distal pole
C. Waist *
D. Tubercle

3042. Tennis elbow is result of :

A. Injury to common extensor muscle origin *
B. Injury to common flexor muscle origin
C. Injury to articular disc
D. Subluxation of radial head

3043. In fracture non union, all are contributory except :

A. Fracture haematoma
B. Nerve palsy *
C. Stripping of periosteum
D. Systemic disease

3044. In primary OA, Joint affected late is :

A. Capometacarpal joint of thumb
B. MCP joints *
C. Knee
D. Hip

3045. In KOCH’S spine first sign of cord compression is :

A. Sensory loss
B. Muscle palsy
C. Spasticity *
D. Loss of deep refelexes

3046. In ankle sprain, ligament most commonly injured is :

A. Anterior talofibular *
B. Posterior talofibular
C. Calcaneofibular
D. Deltoid

3047. Multiple myeloma – lesions are most common in :

A. Skull
B. Spine *
C. Pelvis
D. Long bones

3048. In haemophilia, haematoma most commonly occurs in :

A. Solens
B. Hamstrings *
C. Quadriceps
D. Ileopsoas

3049. Most common complication of Colle’s fracture is :

A. Sudek osteodystrophy
B. Rupture of extensor pollices longus tendon
C. Stiffness of fingers *
D. Carpal tunnel syndrome

3050. Chromosomal abnormality is absent in :

A. True hermaphrodite
B. Inter sex
C. Pseduo hermaphrodite
D. Concealed sex *