521. Tobacco usage has been associated with_____________?
A. Hyperkeratosis
B. Erythema
C. Ulceration
D. None of the above

522. Acanthosis is_____________?
A. Increase in mitotic division
B. Increase in thickness of superficial layer
C. Increase in thickness of spinous layer
D. Disruption of basal lamina

523. Melanoma is_____________?
A. Benign tumour of skin and mucous membrane
B. Malignant tumour of skin and mucous membrane
C. Malignant tumour of melanophores
D. Benign tumor of melanophores

524. Tumour that doesn’t show spontaneous regression______________?
A. Neuroblastoma
B. Retinoblastoma
C. Malignant melanoma
D. Octeosarcoma

525. Swelling and redness of the orifices of minor salivary glands of the palate occurs in_________?
A. Nicotinic stomatitis
B. Leukoplakia
C. Fovea Palatine
D. Erythroplakia

526. A patient complains of numbness of lower lip. There is no history of tooth extraction. It could be______________?
A. Infection
B. Metastatic neoplasia
C. Dental Manipulation
D. CNS disease

527. Carcinoma of the cheek____________?
A. CHaracteristically is columner-celled:
B. Has a recognized association with chewing gum
C. Has a recognized association with chewing betel nut
D. Has a recognized association with geographic tongue

528. Best results are obtained in oral submucous fibrosis is by______________?
A. Intralesional cortisone therapy. with hyaluronic acid
B. Oral cortisone with intralesional therapy (cortisone)
C. Vitamin E and oral cortisone
D. Intralesional placental extract

529. Presence of epithelial Pearls in spinous layer of epithelium is characteristic of______________?
A. Carcinoma
B. Pre-cancer
C. Dysplasia
D. Metaplasia

530. MOst common route for metastasis of oral cancer is by_______________?
A. Direct textension
B. Lymphatics
C. Blood vessels
D. Aspiration of tumor cells