1441. Pituitary diabetes insipidus is improved by ____________.

A. Lithium
B Chlorpropramide *
C. Chlorthiazide
D. Water restriction

1442. Drug of choice is PSVT is____________.

A. Adenosine *
B. Bretylium
C. Amiodarone
D. Verapamil

1443. Which is not an inotropic agent ___________.

A. Amrinone
B. Amiodarone *
C. Isoprenaline
D. Dopamine

1444. Antiviral drug used in RSV infection is ____________.

A. Acyclovir
B. Amantadine
C. Ribavirin *
D. Idoxuridine

1445. GLassgow coma scale is based on all except __________.

A. Motor response
B. Sensory response *
C. Verbal response
D. Eye opening

1446. Avidin in the egg destroys__________.

A. B2
B. B6
C. Biotin *
D. B2

1447. Investigation of choice in parathyroid pathology is ________

A. CT Scan
B. Thallium scan
C. Technetium thallium subtraction scan *
D. Gallium Scan

1448. Normal onion gap is __________.

A. 6-8 mmol/L
B. 8-16mmol/L *
C. 14-20mmol/L
D. 15-30mmol/L

1449. Antigen which doesnot appear is blood in hepatitis B is ________.

A. HBcAg *
B. HBeAg
C. HBsAg
D. None of the above

1450. Secondary polycythemia is due to _____________.

A. Chronic corpulmonale
B. Renal cell carcinoma
C. Cerebellar haemangioblastoma
D. All of the above . *