3081. Pneumatoceles if present in pneumonia is due to :

A. H.Influenza
B. Staph aureus *
C. Str.pneumonae
D. Mycoplasma

3082. Drug of choice in simple partial seizure is :

A. Phenobarb
B. Phenytoin
C. Carbamazepine *
D. Sodium Valporate

3083. TAPVC commonaly mimics :

A. ASD *

3084. Vomiting on first day of birth is due to :

A. Congenital pyloric stenosis
B. Esophageal atresia *
C. Biliary atresia
D. Amniotic fluid gastritis

3085. Cholestatic jaundice in new born is commonly due to :

A. Cholodochal cyst
B. Biliary atresia
C. Idiophathic hepatitis *
D. Inspissated bile syndrome

3086. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia occurs in :

A. Prematurity
B. Mechanical ventillation
D. All of the above *

3087. All the following are decreased in nephrotic syndrome except :

A. Albumin
B. Fibrin *
C. Cerulosplasmin
D. Transferrin

3088. All are true of botulism except :

A. A fatal food poisioning
B. Common to children taking honey
C. Caused by potent endotoxin *
D. Acetylcholine release is inhibited

3089. Raised ICT is by all except :

A. Vitamin A toxicity
B. Expired tetracycline
C. Aminoglycosides *
D. Quinolones

3090. Suprasellar calcification in a child is mostly due to :

A. Meningioma
B. Ependymoma
C. Craniopharyngioma *
D. Medulloblastoma