2821. Cone of light is formed by __________.

A. Anterior inferior quadrant *
B. Handle of malleus
C. Pars tensa
D. Anterior malleolar fold

2822. Fracture zygoma presents with all except __________.

A. Trismus
B. Epistaxis
C. CSF leak *
D. Diplopia

2823. Narrowest part of middle car ____________.

A. Epitympanum
B. Hypotympanum
C. Mesotympanum *
D. Anterior tympanum

2824. Frontal mucocele presents as ____________.

A. Swelling at medial canthaus *
B. Swelling above eye brow lateral to galbella
C. Proptosis
D. Intranasal mass

2825. Inner ear is present is which bone ___________.

A. Occipital
B. Petrous temporal *
C. Sqamous temporal
D. Parietal

2826. Carharts notch is characteristically seen at ___________.

A. 1 KHZ
B. 2 KHZ *
C. 3 KHZ
D. 4 KHZ

2827. Vidian neurotomy is done in __________.

A. Vasomotor rhinitis *
B. Allergic sinusitis
C. Rhinitis sicca

2828. Acute mastoiditis is characterised by all except __________.

A. Clouding of aircels
B. Obliteration of retro auricular sulcus
C. Outward and downward deviation of pinna *
D. Deafness

2829. Mc Evan’s triangle is landmark for _______________.

A. Maxillary sinus
B. Maxillary antrun *
C. Frontal sinus
D. Ethmoidal air cels

2830. In a patient with fracture mastoid and positive BELL’S phenomenon treatment is __________.

A. High dose steroid
B. Facial nerve decompression *
C. Analgesic and anitbiotic
D. Watchful waiting