1261. Diagnosis of typhoid in first week is by _____________.

A. Widal test
B. Stool Culture
C. Urine Culture
D. Blood Culture *

1262. Drug effective in brucellosis is ___________.

A. Amphotericin
B. Ketoconazole
C. Rifampicin *
D. Penicillin.

1263. Pseudobubo is seen in _________.

A. Donovanosis *
C. Chancroid
D. Syphilis.

1264. Maximum specificity of VDRL is in _____________.

A. Primary Syphilis
B. Secondary Syphilis *
C. Tertiarty Syphilis

1265. Balloon ” Alvoplasty is successful in all except________.

A. Congenital pulmonary stenosis
B. Calcified Mitral Stenosis *
C. Mitral Stenosis of pregnancy
D. Congenital aortic stenosis

1266. Treatment of Cysticerocosis is by all except __________.

A. Albendazole
B. Flubendazole
C. Niclosamide *
D. Praziquantel

1267. Initial site of cyrptococcal infection is ______________.

A. Skin
B. Lungs *
C. Meninges
D. Bone

1268. Japanese encephalitis is caused by __________.

A. Entero Virus
B. Arbo Virus *
C. Adeno Virus
D. Retro Virus

1269. Typical of rabbies is ____________.

A. Brainstem encephalitis *
B. Gait disturbance
C. Urinary incontinence
D. Seizure

1270 Most common site of amoebic infection is _________.

A. Sigmoid colon
B. Transverse colon
C. Caecum *
D. Rectum