1971. Trap is seen in__________.

A. Hairy cell leukemia *

1972. Pulmonary fibrosis occurs due to all except ______.

A. Amiodarone
B. Bleomycin
C. Penicillamine *
D. Methotrexate

1973. Minnesota tube used to stop variceal bleed has how many lumen______.

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four *

1974. Cyanosis occurs when the absolute methaemoglobin level is more than ___.

A. 0.5g/dl
B. 1g/dl
C. 1.3g/dl
D. 1.5g/dl *

1975. Earliest radiological change in RA is _________.

A. Periarticular osteoporosis *
B. Loss of articular cartilage
C. Joint erosion
D. Subluxation

1976. Earliest radiological sign of pulmonary venous hypertension is ____.

A. Kerley A lines
B. Kerley B lines
C. Upper lobar venous diversion *
D. Batwing appearance

1977. Most common virus causing encephalitis is _______.

A. Adeno virus
B. Arbo virus
C. Rubella *
D. Influenza

1978. First sensation to be lost in leprosy is ________.

A. Pain
B. Temperature *
C. Touch
D. Pressure

1979. Milk maid’s grip is seen in ________.

A. Tetany *
B. Motor neurone disease
C. Sydenham’s chorea
D. Friedreich’s ataxia

1980. All are feature of trisomy 21 except ______.

A. Upward slanting of eyes
B. Simian crease
C. Cleft palate *
D. Decreased alfa fetoprotein