2511. Flexion,abuction and external rotation with limb shortening indicate_______.

A. Anterior hip dislocation *
B. Posterior hip dislocation
C. Central hip dislocation
D. Fracture femur neck

2512. Commonest complication of supracondylar fracture is __________.

A. Volkmann’s ischaemic contracture
B. Malunion *
C. Myositis ossificans
D. Delayed union

2513. Tumor arising from diaphysis is _____________.

A. Osteoclastoma
B. Osteosarcoma
C. Ewing sarcoma *
D. Chondro sarcoma

2514. Most common complication of shoulder dislocation is _________.

A. Injury to circumflex vessel
B. Injury to circumflex serve *
C. Injury to subclavian artery
D. Injury to medial Cord

2515. Earliest sign of Volkmann’s ischaemic contracture is __________.

A. Pain *
B. Paresthesia
C. Pallor
D. Hypoesthesia

2516. Pes Cavus is due to __________.

A. Weakness of intrinsic muscles *
B. Poor plantar arch
C. Weakness of tibialis posterior
D. Weakness of tibialis anterior

2517. Dislocation of mandible is in which direction _________.

A. Forward *
B. Backward
C. Upward
D. Downward

2518. Osteoporosis and wrist pain after collie’s fracture is _________.

A. Malunion
B. Nonunion
C. Carpal tunnel syndrome
D. Sudeck’s atrophy *

2519. Minimum age for tendon transfer in case of poliomyelitis is _______.

A. 2 Years
B. 3 Years
C. 5 Years *
D. 7 Years

2520. Treatment of choice in Ewing sarcoma is ________.

A. Excision
B. Excision and grafting
C. Excision and RT
D. RT *