831. Periodontal ligament is made up of____________?
A. Type I collagen
B. Type I and Type III collagen
C. Type I and Type II collagen
D. Type I and Type IV collagen

832. Interdependency of osteoblasts and osteoclasts in bone remodeling is called as_____________?
A. Lacunae
B. Coupling
C. Reversal lines
D. Canaliculi

833. Periodontal fibres joining cemental surface of one tooth, to cemental surface of adjacent tooth are called____________?
A. Gingivodental
B. Cement Fibres
C. Horizontal fibres
D. Transseptal Fibres

834. Sharpey’s Fibers are derived from_____________?
A. Hertwig’s root sheath
B. Epithelial rests of malassez
C. Alveolar bone
D. Dental follicle

835. Periodontal ligament has predominantly_________?
A. Type II collagen fibres
B. Oxytalan Fibres
C. Elastic fibres
D. Type I collagen fibres

836. Which of the following groups of fibres are not attached to alveolar bone ?
A. Transseptal
B. Horizontal
C. Oblique
D. Apical

837. The odontoblasts killed during cavity preparation are derived from_____________?
A. Unaffected odontoblasts from the pulp
B. Undifferentiated cells
C. Histocytes
D. Osteoblasts

838. Histologically the dental pulp most closely resembles______________?

A. Nerve tissue
B. Vascular tissue
C. Granulation tissue
D. Loose connective tissue

839. The dental pulp is derived form____________?
A. Dental papilla
B. Dental sac
C. Odontoblasts
D. Stellate reticulum

840. Weil’s zone of pulp is__________?
A. Cell degenerated zone
B. Cell rich zone
C. Cell regenerated zone
D. cell free zone