811. Gubernacular canal guides the eruption of_____________?
A. Primary teeth
B. Permanent teeth
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

812. Resorption of dental tissue is caused by_____________?
A. Osteoclasts
B. Osteoblasts
C. Odontoclasts
D. Odontoblasts

813. In resorption of roots of the primary teeth, the dental pulp_____________?
A. Plays a passive role
B. Becomes a fibrotic non-vital mass
C. Initiates resorption from the inner surface of roots
D. Aids in formation of secondary dentin slowing down resorption

814. Insulin increase the following pathways in liver EXCEPT____________?
A. Fatty acid synthesis
B. Glycogen synthesis
C. Protein synthesis
D. Glucose synthesis

815. Type II glycogen storage disorder is due to deficiency of______________?
A. Alpha -Glucosidase
B. Alpha galactosidase
C. Muscle phosphorylase
D. Acid Lipase

816. Dietary fibre is rich in_____________?
A. Starch
B. Cellulose
C. Collagen
D. Inulin

817. Fructose intolerance is to_____________?
A. Fructose only
B. Fructose and glucose
C. Sucrose only
D. Fructose and sucrose

818. The most abundant principle fibre group in periodontal ligament is____________?
A. Horizontal
B. Transseptal
C. Apical
D. Oblique

819. In mammals independent and tough suspension for teeth is provided by____________?
A. Alveolar sockets
B. Cementum
C. Gubernacular cords
D. Periodontal membrane

820. Group of fibres, which resist the masticatory forces___________?
A. Dentogingival
B. Transseptal
C. Oblique
D. Horizontal