871. Unmyelinated nerve fibres of pulp are____________?
A. Sensory in nature
B. Respond to hot and cold
C. carry pain sensation
D. Associated with blood vessels and are sympathetic in nature

872. Protein secreted by odontoblast_____________?
A. Chitin
B. Keratin
C. Collagen
D. Elastin

873. The development of pulp begins__________?
A. 6th week of IU
B. 8th week of IU
C. 10th week of IU
D. 18th week of IU

874. Regressive changes in pulp include____________?
A. Increased fibrotic component
B. Decreased cellular component
C. Calcification in blood vessels near apical foramen
D. All of the above

875. The 2nd most prominent cells in pulp are______________?
A. Fibroblasts
B. defense cells
C. Odontoblasts
D. Histocytes or resting wandering cell

876. The total volumes of all permanent pulp organ______________?
A. 0.38 cc
B. 0.58 cc
C. 0.02 cc
D. 3.8 cc

877. Second arch derivatives are all except_________________?
A. Stapes
B. Malleus and incus
C. Styloid process
D. Superior part of hyoid bone

878. The tooth present close to maxillary sinus is_________________?

A. 1st molar
B. 2nd premolar
C. 1st premolar
D. 2nd molar

879. Normal interincisal distance is____________________?
A. 48 mm
B. 38 mm
C. 58 mm
D. 28 mm

880. The condyle of mandible is composed of____________________?
A. Compact bone
B. Cancellous bone
C. Cancellous bone covered by thin layer of compact bone
D. Compact bone covered by cancellous bone