671. Most common opportunistic infection in AIDS is_____________?
A. Cryptococcosis
B. Tuberculosis
C. Candidiasis
D. Aspergillosis

672. The protein found in the amyloid deposits in senile systemic amyloidosis is_________________?
A. AL protein
B. a2 microglobulin
C. a-amyloid protein
D. Transthyretin

673. Which of the following is NOT true of dystrophic calcification ?
A. Occurs in damaged tissue
B. Tuberculous lesions
C. Atherosclerotic lesions
D. Serum calcium levels are high

674. The activation of caspases is likely to lead to_________________?
A. Apoptotic cell death
B. Blood coagulation
C. Mitotic cell division
D. G1 to S phase of cell cycle

675. Tigered effect of heart is seen in_______________?
A. Fatty change
B. Hyaline change
C. Amy
D. Atrophy

676. Hydrolytic degeneration is characterised by__________________?
A. Caseation
B. Coagulation
C. Liquefaction
D. Fibrinoid

677. Severe generalized edema is called as_______________?

A. Myxoedema
B. Pitting edema
C. Anasarca
D. Dependent edema

678. Amyloidosis most commonly occurs in_________________?
A. Kidney
B. Spleen
C. Liver
D. Heart

679. Primary amyloidosis occurs in _________________?
A. Multiple myeloma
B. Tuberculosis
C. Hodgkin’s disease
D. Chronic osteomyelitis

680. The hormone dependent shedding of endometrium is an example of_______________?
A. Necrosis
B. Autolysis
C. Apoptosis
D. None of the above