2961. Strongest bond is :

A. Covalent bond *
B. Electrostatic bond
C. Van der wall bond
D. Hydrophobic bond

2962. Toxin which interferes with protein synthesis is :

A. E.Coli toxin
B. Pseudomonas toxin *
C. Staphylococcal toxin
D. Cholera toxin

2963. EBV is associated with all except :

A. Infectious mononucleosis
B. Nasopharyngeal cancer
C. Burkitt’s lymphoma
D. T- Cell Lymphoma *

2964. Transmitted through sputum is :

A. Ascariasis
B. Strongyloidiasis
C. Paragonimiasis *
D. Trichuriasis

2965. Not true of H. Pylori is :

A. Cultured from gastric biopsy
B. Urea breath test negative After tripple therapy
C. Gram positive
D. Tissue damage is due to cytotoxin and haemolysin *

2966. Enterotoxin is secreted by :

A. Calci virus
B. Arbo virus
C. Rota virus*
D. Rahbdo virus

2967. Not true of Rota virus is :

A. Double standard RNA virus
B. Causes diarrhoeain yougn ado-lescents *
C. Incubation period 2-4 days
D. Has several serotypes

2968. Staphylococcus causes all the following except :

A. Erysepalas *
B. Impetigo
C. Furuncle
D. Carbuncle

2969. Dimorphic fungi are all except :

A. Blastomyces
B. Histoplasma
C. Coccidiodes
D. Cryptococcus *

2970. All the following viruses are nont cutivable except :

A. Parvo virus
B. Rota virus
C. Rubella *
D. Norwalk agent