2681. Which is ototoxic __________.

A. Gentamicin
B. Kanamycin *
C. Ciprofloxacin
D. Ofloxacin

2682. Dysphagia to fluids but not to solids is seen in _________.

A. Achalasia cardia *
B. Aberrant vessel
C. Diffuse spasm
D. Webs

2683. Otomycosis is commonly caused by _______.

A. Candila
B. Mucor
C. Aspergillus *
D. Actinomy ces

2684. Most common cause of deafness in children is __________.

A. Ostosclerosis
B. Secretory otitis media *
C. Serumen
D. Drugs

2685. Angio fibroma is best treated by ___________.

A. Surgery *
B. Radiotherapy
C. Immunotherapy
D. Only follow up

2686. Tonsillectomy is usually done after how many weeks of quinsy_________.

A. 2
B. 4
C. 6 *
D. 12

2687. Most common symptom of larngeal cancer is __________.

A. Haemoptysis
B. Hoarseness *
C. Cough
D. Dyspnoea

2688. Laryngeal cancers are mostly __________.

A. Adeno carcinoma
B. Squamous carcinoma *
C. Transitional cell carcinoma
D. Basal cell carcinoma

2689. Dangerous perforation refers to __________.

A. Attic perforation *
B. Marginal perforation
C. Central perforation
D. Multiple perforation

2690. Precancerous lesion of vocal cord is __________.

A. Leukoplakia *
B. Singer’s nodule
C. Lipoma
D. All of the above