2631. Actinomycosis commonly involves__________.

A. Mandible *
B. Base of skull
C. Spine
D. long bones

2632. In scolosis vertebral rotation occurs _______________.

A. Always towards convexity of curve *
B. Always towards concavity of curve
C. Mainly towards convexity of curve
D. Mainly towards concavity of curve

2633. X- Ray appearance of Paget’s disease in all except __________.

A. Early lesion is osteoporotic
B. Sclerotic and porotic areas at same site
C. Coarse trabecular pattern
D. Thickening of skull with intracranial encroachment .*

2634. Complication of paget’s disease include all except ___________.

A. High output cardiac failure
B. Fracture
C. Cord compression
D. Obliteration of intramedullary canal *

2635. X-ray changes of leukemia in small children include all except __________.

A. Periosteal new bone formation
B. Osteosclerosis of long bones
C. Osteolytic lesions of flat bones *
D. Transverse line of reduced density adjacent to the growth plate

2636. X-ray changes of haemophilic arthritis include all except _________.

A. Destruction of growth plate *
B. Subchondral cyst formation
C. Widened intercondylar notch of femur
D. Square lower pole of patella

2637. Lesions in scurvy include________.

A. Subperiosteal haemorrhage
B. Tender bones and painful joints
C. Epiphyseal seperation
D. All of the above *

2638. In senile osteoprosis fracture usually involves _________.

A. Femur
B. Humerus
C. Skull
D. Vertebra *

2639. The most common of osteoporosis is ___________.

A. Post traumatic
B. Old age *
C. Harmone deficiency
D. Adrenal hyperfunction

2640. Black coloured cartilage is characteristic of _____________.

A. Septic joint
B. Joint infarction
C. Alkaptonuria *
D. Gout