571. Which structure does not pass through the jugular foramen ?
A. Vagus nerve
B. Glossopharyngeal nerve
C. Accessory nerve
D. Internal carotid artery

572. Which of the following does not pass through cavernous sinus ?
A. Occulomotor( III) nerve
B. Traochlear nerve
C. Medial cerebral artery
D. Trigeminal nerve

573. Sensory innervation of larynx as far as the vocal folds is by ________ nerve?
A. External laryngeal
B. Recurrent laryngeal
C. Internal laryngeal
D. Glossopharyngeal

574. Which of the following is false about otic parasympathetic ganglion ?
A. Secretomotor supply for the parotid gland
B. Situated at the floor of the infratemporal fossa
C. Has parasympathetic , sympathetic and sensory fibres
D. All of the above

575. Which of the following nerves are branches of mandibular nerve ?
A. Lingual, facial and palatine nerve
B. Lingual and inferior alveolar nerves
C. Inferior alveolar and cervical nerves
D. All of the above

576. Which of the following muscles is supplied by mandibular nerve?
A. Stapedius
B. Buccinator
C. Tensor veli palatine
D. Posterior belly of digastric

577. Sphenoidal air sinus is supplied by ________ nerve?
A. Posterior ethmoidal nerve
B. Posterior superior alveolar nerve
C. Sphenoidal nerve
D. Infratemporal nerve

578. The tip of nose is supplied by _________ nerve?
A. Maxillary
B. Mandibular
C. Opthalmic
D. Facial

579. Which of the following is innervated by the vagusnerve ?
A. The levatorvelti palatine ( levatorpalatini)
B. The psterior belly of digastric
C. Mylohyoid
D. The tensor veli palatine ( tensorpalatini)

580. Which is not a branch of cavernous part of internal carotid artery ?
A. Cavernous branch
B. Inferior hypophyseal
C. Meningeal artery
D. Ophthalmic artery