1431. Positive Babinski with absent deep tendon reflexes indicate _______

A. Cerebral palsy
B. Cerebellar tumor
C. Fridrick’s ataxia *
D. Motor Nuerone disease

1432. Bileteral LMN facial palsy is seen in _____________.

A. Acoustic neuroma
B. GB Syndrome
C. Sarcoidosis
D. Transverse myelitis *

1433. Polymyositis does not affects muscles of ____________.

A. Eyes *
B. Neck
C. Shoulder
D. limb

1434. In Brown sequard syndrome, there is ispilateral loss of __________.

A. Touch
B. Pain
C. Proprioception *
D. Tempreture

1435. Best diagnostic method of myasthenia is _____________.

B. Biopsy
C. Edrophonium *
D. History

1436. Very low dose of propranolol is used cautiously in _________.

A. Thyrotoxicosis
B. CHF *
C. Hypertension
D. Angina

1437. Somatostatin inhibits secretion of all except _______.

A. Prolactin *
B. Insulin
D. GH.

1438. Most effective treatment of artial fluter is ___________.

A. IV lignocaine
B. Digitalis
C. DC Shock *
D. Quinidine

1439. All the following are predominant arterial dilators except________.

A. Nitropprusside
B. Nitrate *
C. Nifedipine
D. Hydralazine

1440. Diuretic of choice in cirrhosis is ____________.

A. Spironolactone *
B. Bumetanide
C. Fresemide
D. Metolazone.