2751. Attacks of vertigo in children above 6 years is suggestive of __________.

A. Hypothyroidism
B. Attention deficit disorder
C. Epilepsy *
D. Multiple sclerosis

2752. Areas of carinomas of oral mucosa can be identified by staining with ________.

A. 1% Zinc oxide
B. 2% Silver Nitrate
C. 2% Toludine *
D. None of the above

2753. Costen’s syndrome refers to neuralgia originating from _________.

A. Tm Ioint *
B. Optic foramen
C. Meatal Foramen
D. Otic ganglion

2754. Hypernasality of voice can be due to ________.

A. Cleft palate
B. Bifid uvula
C. Submucus cleft
D. All of the above *

2755. Which of the following cartilage has shape of signet ring _________.

A. Thyroid
B. Cricoid *
C. Arytenoid
D. Cuneiform

2756. Angular movement are sensed by ____________.

A. Cochlea
B. Saccule
C. Utricle
D. Semicircular canal *

2757. Bezold’s abscess is located in _______________.

A. Snbmanibulan region
B. Sterenomoatoid muscle *
C. Infratemporal region
D. Digastric triangle

2758. Percentage of newborn with deviated nasal septun is __________.

A. 2%
B. 10%
C. 20% *
D. 50%

2759. Tonsils reach their maximum size by ____________.

A. 1 Year
B. 3 Years
C. 5 Years *
D. 10 Years

2760. What is true of cholesteatoma ___________.

A. Erodes bone *
B. Benign neoplasm
C. Treated by antibiotic
D. Containing cholesterd