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1Basic Maths Mcqs17Arithmetic Mcqs
2Average Mcqs18Boats and Streams
3Compound Interest19Areas
4Height and Distance Mcqs20Discount Mcqs
5Men Food Mcqs21interest Mcqs
6Mixtures and Allegations22Mensuration
7Partnership23Odd Man Out Series Mcqs
8Pipes and Cisterns24Volumes
9Permutations and Combinations25Probability
10Problems on L.C.M and H.C.F26Problems on Numbers
11Profit and Loss Mcqs27Quadratic Equations
12Races and Games28Ratio and Proportion
13Simple Equations29Simplification and Approximation
14Stocks and Shares Mcqs30Time & Distance Mcqs
15Time and Work Mcqs31Volume and Surface Area Mcqs
16Percentage Mcqs

1.Twelve children take sixteen days to complete a work which can be completed by 8 adults in 12 days. After working for 3 days, sixteen adults left and six adults and four children joined them. How many days will they take to complete the remaining work ?

A. 3 days
B. 4 days
C. 6 days
D. 8 days

2. zero is a__________ number?

A. odd number
B. even number
C. whole number
D. None of these

3. A Sextillion has_________zeros?

A. 15 zeros
B. 18 zeros
C. 21 zeros
D. 24 zero

4. A Quadrillion has _________ zeros?

A. 15 zeros
B. 18 zeros
C. 21 zeros
D. None of these

5. Who is known as the Father of Geometry?

A. Kepler
B. Euclid
C. Pythagoras
D. Newton

6. What is 2+2÷2×2-2?

A.  0
B. -2
C.  2
D.  1

7. If a > b and b > a. Then ?

A. a = b
B. a ≠ b
C. Cannot be evaluated
D. None

8. 18 men can eat 20 kg of rice in 3 days. How long will 6 men take to eat 40 kg of rice?

A. 20
B. 18
C. 32
D. 20

9. In a fort there is sufficient food for 600 men for a month. If 400 more men arrive the fort then how long the food is sufficient for now?

A. 20 days
B. 18 days
C. 28 days
D. 36 days

10. If 25 men can eat 150 kg of wheat in 30 days then 45 men can eat 450 kg of wheat in how many days?

A. 13 days
B. 50 days
C. 15 days
D. 18 days