561. That is not true for facial artery ?
A. Main source of blood supply to palatine tonsil
B. Supplies branches to upper and lower lips
C. Conveys post ganglionic sympathetic fibers to submandibulr gland
D. Is a branch of internal carotid artery

562. Tributary of the cavernous sinus includes all of the following, except ?
A. Superior petrosal sinus
B. Inferior petrosal sinus
C. Superficial middle cerebral vein
D. Deep middle cerebral vein

563. Superior thyroid artery accompanies which nerve ?
A. External laryngeal
B. Internal laryngeal
C. Superior laryngeal
D. C and A

564. Which of the following is not a branch of the external carotid artery ?
A. Opthalmic artery
B. Pharyngeal artery
C. Maxillary artery
D. Lingual artery

565. Opthalmic artery is the branch of part of _________ internal carotid artery ?
A. Intra cavernous
B. Intra petrous
C. Intra cerebral
D. Extra cranial

566. Ophthalmic artery is a branch of _________ part of internal carotid artery ?
A. Intracavernous
B. Intrapetrous
C. Inracerebral
D. Extra cranial

567. Which of the following is not true regarding trigeminal nerve ?
A. Roots of trigeminal nerve are attached to pons
B. It has three main divisions
C. Trigeminal nerve supplies the dura mater of middle cranial fossa
D. The trigeminal ganglion contributes to the sensory root only

568. Which of the following is not a branch of ophthalmic nerve ?
A. Frontal
B. Lacrimal
C. Nasociliary
D. Medial ethmoid

569. Sensory supply of pinna is by _______ nerve?
A. Mandibular
B. Maxillary
C. Facial
D. Abducent

570. Which of the following supplies structures in head, neck, thorax and abdomen ?
A. Internal carotid artery
B. 12th cranial nerve
C. Vagus nerve
D. Accessory cranial