2711. Most common cause of unilateral vocal cord palsy is _____________.

A. Trauma
B. Tumor
C. Thyroid surgery
D. Idiopathic *

2712. Least chance of nodal metastasis is in carcinoma of _________.

A. Pyrifrom fossa
B. Glottis *
C. Supraglottis
D. Naso pharynx

2713. Recurrent laryngeal nerve is closely related to __________.

A. Superior laryngeal artery
B. Superior thyroid artery
C. Inferior thyroid artery *
D. Middle thyroid artery

2714. Periodic headache is seen in ________.

A. Maxillary sinusitis
B. Frontal sinusitis
C. Ethmoid sinusitis
D. Migraine *

2715. Gradenigo’s syndrome all are true except ________.

A. 6th nerve palsy
B. Retro orbital pain
C. Aural discharge
D. Palatal palsy *

2716. Le-fort’s fracture does not involve __________.

A. Zygoma
B. Nasal bone
C. Maxilla
D. Mandible *

2717. Which cranial nerve also supplies external ear _________.

A. Trochlear
B. Glossopharyngeal
C. Vagus *
D. Accessory

2718. In Ramsay hund that syndrome lesion is in __________.

A. Gasserion ganglion *
B. Geniculate ganglion
C. Otic ganglion
D. Citiary ganglion

2719. Adductors of vocal cord are all except ________.

A. Lateral crico aryteniod
B. Transverse interarytenoid
C. Cricothyroid *
D. External thyroarytenoid

2720. Tensors of vocal cord are ___________.

A. Lateral cricoarytenoid
B. Cricothyroid
C. Thyrohyoid
D. Internal portion of thyroarytenoid *